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Hearing tests and assessments
Hearing protection
Microsuction (excessive ear wax removal)
Tinnitus real help and advice
Hearing Aids Sales (and repairs)

"Your new 'in house surgery' compliments your very professional service" R.K.
" brilliant service".   W.G.

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 Hearing House
104 Moor Lane - North Hykeham 
-LN6 9AB


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because hearing is personal
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Get your ears checked.. 

Doctor Caroline Johnson MBBS MRCPCH
Member of Parliament Sleaford and North Hykeham
Hearing Tests and assessments

   The Hearing Test starts with a chat and note taking to understand you and some medical issues that may affect you and your hearing loss

A visual examination of your external ear canals and tympanic membranes (eardrums)
with an otoscope to check that your outer ears are clear and healthy.

The audiogram - to record your hearing thresholds by pure tone

(to find the quietest sounds that each individual ear can hear)

Speech audiometry - word tests to understand what you may be missing in speech
(Word discriminate lists in quiet and in noise)

Tympanometry - (if required) shows ear drum function

    Reporting - a clear and non-technical explanation of the results.

Reassurance - We will give our expert advice and explain what we can do to help but some results show You may need to be referred on for further medical investigation.

    Recommendations and Reports can be written if and when required with summary of your hearing test results.
    Educate and Understand - our audiologist will dedicate time to maintain and improve your hearing quality and ear health

The smile of hearing 

Hearing Aid Systems and Solutions

best value hearing aid sales in Lincolnshire and Norfolk

"Many thanks, my parents greatly appreciated your help and advice."
A.B.  Market Rasen

Hearing Aid Batteries 
allhear ltd
all sizes 13 /675 /312 /10
6 cells on a card
microsuction at Hearing House Lincoln Hearing

  Micro Suction - excessive ear wax removal service

A Brief Overview of MicroSuction (excessive ear wax removal)
Usually micro suction does not need any pre-treatment, although a week or so using Earol olive oil will help ease the more stubborn blockage. A fully qualified registered hearing aid   audiologist will examine your ears using an otoscope then using binaural microsope (loupes glasses), using a fine low pressure suction device, safely remove the blockage.
Also, using a video otoscope we can usually show you the condition of the ear.  
SAFER - Safety is paramount - Micro suction is the preferred method of treatment for guaranteed effective removal of ear wax.
PAIN FREE - Micro suction is usually totally comfortable and usually the blockage is removed in minutes.
QUALIFIED - fully qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist with additional training in aural micro suction ear wax removal by the EarWaxClinic (the Hearing Lab)

Just wanted to say a big thank you for fitting me in at short notice and clearing my ears.
"I had been suffering for 2 weeks and felt a visit to my GP had been unhelpful.
George was very understanding, explained exactly what the problem was and how it could be resolved. The whole procedure was quick, painless and professional."

Thank you very much, I would have no hesitation in recommending your service. 
S.D. Bassingham
Just a big thankyou to George for unblocking my ears. My hearing is now as good as new. 
Also thanks for the advice with regards the use of Earol rather than using Otex. 
Your new 'in house surgery' compliments your very professional service. 
Would recommend you to anyone. Thanks once again. 
R.K. Lincoln
Fully Qualified Experienced
a recommended value service
more info www.lincolnhearing.uk
Tinnitus Specialist
tinnitus counsellor offering real help and advice.  
also as a British Tinnitus Association trained adviser
- set up the Lincoln Tinnitus Support Group in Mar 2012.
Lincoln Tinnitus Support Group website   www.LincTin.co.uk       
The British Tinnitus Association website  BTA Lincoln

Nice to speak to you on the phone earlier on today and taking the time to help me..
.. it is good to be able to speak to an understanding care professional!
Also, many thanks for pointing me in the right direction
T.J.W. London

Tinnitus  -
Assessment and Management.
A research article written by George and printed in the BSHAA people magazine Autumn 2015

Hearing Aid Repair Service

Lowest cost Hearing Aid Repair Service in Lincolnshire and Norfolk
All makes and models from all manufacturers.
We will do our best to fix the aids you have

Swim plugs  worn to protect your ears in water
(a demonstration of a full loop by our allhear stunt man kayaker)

Hearing protection from noise
Each earpiece is custom-made to be a perfect match and fit to each ear,
they provide highly effective noise reduction, to protect your hearing.

"they fit well, thank you very much for your help"

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